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Thankful for My Family, My Friends, and My Hometown!!!!!!!!

I may not voice it all the time, but my family, my friends, and my hometown mean the world to me!

The Long Holiday Weekend

I have been running around, like a chicken with its head cut-off. So, it was really nice to spend Veterans Day with a new friend, exploring Discovery Park and the Ballard Locks. Sometimes, I get too fixated on being on top of the proverbial ball, and I need to come to my senses. #ChillDay

What Do You Get when You Put a Rubber Duck, an Alien, and a Lake Together?!?

You get Photoshop art done by me!!!!!!

Class #2: The Joys of Learning

Well, I had more fun with Adobe Illustrator last night. It has been awhile since I have used such tools, but I am quickly relearning. It is one of the advantages of being raised with technology--it is a quick process to figure out how to use a new software. I just wish that I personally owned the tools, though. I guess I have some saving to do before I can equip myself with the tools that I need to integrate more technology into my own personal art projects. I should really look into a money tree. LOL!!!!