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"X-Files," Anyone?

I am using the "X-Files" character Dana Scully as my inspiration for a character that I am developing with a friend of mine. This is my first attempt at drawing Scully. I need to work on softening her facial features, so I can show the vulnerability, sensuality, and femininity that the actress Gillian Anderson has. But, all in all, I am quite pleased with this first draft. I have definitely drawn worse than this. So, I know that I can produce the right character after a few more drafts. #NeverGiveUp

It's All in the Eyes

This is the final version of my drawing of a lady in a green jumpsuit. It is amazing what oil crayons and colored pencils can do to make a sketch look much more realistic. I especially love how great the eyes look! I know that I might just be tooting my own horn, but the blue eyes turned out to be much more piercing and realistic than I had initially anticipated. I am looking forward to doing my next drawing! So, needless to say, I believe that I am going to be incorporating personal art projects into my everyday life from now on.

And Every Story Has a Beginning

Nostalgia has a place, despite the fact that living in the moment is quite important.

Lady in a Green Jumpsuit: Stage 1

I am currently working on a set of characters as a personal project of sorts in order to get back into art, again. This is the first stage of a character that I am drawing for a friend of mine. I decided to start with a regular mechanical pencil to get the outline completed. I do love the precision of a mechanical pencil! I am excited to add some color soon.

And Jumpsuits Are Back

So, I am working with a friend of mine. It is a perfect creative collaboration: I do some artwork for a book that he is currently writing. The recent surge in my creative activities really inspires me to be a more well-rounded and self-actualized person. #NeverTooLate

God, It's Me, Sigourney

Well, evidently, I am a bit rusty; I need to work on getting my drawing skills up to snuff, again. Last night, I decided to draw Sigourney Weaver. It turns out that she has a particularly difficult face to draw: her face has the uncanny ability to gracefully balance masculine bone structure and classic femininity. This is only my first attempt. I subscribe to the belief of success by trial and error, after all.

I Love Memories and I Do Not Mean the Leonard Cohen Song

My friend John generously showed me awhile back how to take pictures with his neat vintage camera (ASAHI PENTAX K1000) that was gifted to him by his mother. I took this hazy picture of a corner of his old apartment's living room. I love the haphazard arrangement of some of his belongings--his easel, his bookshelf, and several books. But what I like most is the fact that his yellow Gatorade is the one artifact of which I managed to take a clear picture. Yay for happy accidents! ;-)

The Return of a Pastime Hobby

It has been awhile since I have really taken the time to invest more than one hour into doing a piece of artwork. But I think that I am finally rediscovering what I loved about art as a young boy. What is more amazing than creating something with your hands and imagination, after all! So, here is to reliving (in one short evening) a time in my life when I could lock myself up in my bedroom and draw until my bedtime. I call this piece "Clever Boy."

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

Hey, I could definitely use a new table. All this table really needs is some good ol' elbow grease. Sadly, I don't quite have the room to give this sturdy table a new home. :-/

In the Beginning

I am somebody, I think. I try to be somebody, at least.