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Summer Is Coming!!!

When life is hectic, I always make a point to walk off the stress. And it really makes a difference. There is something almost magical about walking that allows me to process what I need to do to get everything in order. #Walking #Therapy #BusyLife #SummerIsInTheAir

Graffiti Love!!!

One of my favorite activities is to walk around the city and to take pictures of the graffiti throughout the city. And even though graffiti is technically a form of vandalism, I think that NYC would lose a lot of its character and charm if such "imperfections" were scrubbed off and painted over. #StreetArt

Warm Embrace

I have been back home for almost 2 full weeks now; and I can feel it in my bones that I have made the right decision. It is not easy to start over, and I am definitely grateful for the experiences that I had carved out for myself over the last 5.5 years. But I know that I need to be back in the NYC metro area where my close family and friends are. I know that I will find my footing here sooner rather than later. I just need to be proactive , productive , and patient . #The3Ps #FAITH

Back in the Hustle and Bustle of THE City

I have been back in the NYC metro area for almost 1 full week now; and I could not be more grateful. There is a feeling that you can sense in your body and smell in the air when you are where you grew up. It feels amazing to be back with my close family and friends. But I am convinced that the years that I chose to spend away from the East Coast helped me to appreciate and love it much more. I now know that the grass is NOT greener elsewhere. This is where I want to be and stay. #ForeverHome #BlessedForReal

New Jersey, I Love You!!!

There is truly no place like home. And it feels great to be back! #JerseyBoy