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Week II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I have officially been in Seattle for two whole weeks. And I am slowly getting into the swing of things. Sometimes, I feel a bit overwhelmed, anxious, and afraid, but I know that everything takes time. #Progress #Patience #Perseverance

Seattle: Week 1

Just some highlights of the things that I saw, did, and such!!!!


And I took a big leap of faith. Even though I planned for months and I have the support of my close family and friends, I am still super nervous. But I just have to remain focused and productive. #TakeItOneDayAtATime #WorryingIsAWasteOfTimeAndEnergy

New Beginnings!!!!

And so another ends, and a new one begins. I have very big plans for 2018. But 2017 was filled with many accomplishments and joys as well. I will miss 2017 for everything good that it brought into my life. I am excited for the new beginnings that await me in 2018. Here is to the start of a new chapter!