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Keep Growing!

Trying a new medium this summer was a good learning experience for me. It taught me that it never hurts to try something new; and if you really make an effort, you can find a way to combine that new skill with what you are already good at to make something better. #EffortMatters

Important Question!!!!!

I was hanging around the Barnes & Noble in Union Square while waiting for one of my best friends since high school to arrive. I turned and looked around to give my eyes a break from staring at my iPhone's screen, and this book title caught my immediate attention. It poses an important question that I am hopefully getting progressively closer to answering!

Sometimes Blurry Is Okay!!!

Sometimes you need to embrace the unknown and uncertainty!

Be Grateful!

Lately, I have been thinking about my life and its many ups and downs. It always amazes me how nothing is ever as permanent or as important as you convince yourself it to be. But I have learned that it is always important to recognize when you are at a good place and when you have a good thing going for you at the moment, so you can truly be appreciative before it all vanishes away. So here is to being in the moment and being grateful for your life! 🙏